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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

My TOP Bath and Body Products!

Hello everyone! So today i decided to do a top bath/body/fresh fragrance kind of blog, basically just products that i love to use after or during baths/showers. I know this may seem a random collection of products but they are all relevant in a way, i hope you enjoy :)

First off, the good old Body Shop body butters! I think basically everyone has had these products at least once in their life. I myself have been re-purchasing these for years now and i'm sure i have tried all of       them - there is loads! I think the main reason for loving these butters is their scents, they all smell so nice and the smell really does linger after the product has sunk in. These products really 'end' dry skin leaving it feeling very moisturized and smooth. The body butters come in really cute packaging and also last for so long! They are definitely worth the money - £13.00 but there are often discounts and offers on in store. I just love them!

Sanctuary Products: I have only included two sanctuary bath products but i really do love them all! Here i  have shown the "Body Scrub" and the "Body Wash" which happen to be two of my favorites. The body scrub is so amazing, it gets rid of old skin cells and really makes harder areas of skin far softer and renewed. The scrub isn't harsh on your skin at all and it also leaves the rougher areas feeling moisturized and smelling amazing. The body wash is an equally great product and it smells so luxurious, hydrates your skin and leaves it feeling silky smooth. This product really calms and relaxes you, it's definitely not a 'wake me up' kind of wash and i enjoy using it before i go to sleep.

Lush Bath Bomb 'Space Girl': This bath bomb really does make having a bath soo exciting! Firstly i have to mention the scent, it smells strongly of 'Parma Violets' which is so nice and mmm...:) this is a major contributor to why it is one of my favorite bath bombs. The product fizzes away rather quickly but it also contains something that makes the bath crackle almost like popping candy. It leaves the bath water very purple with glitter through it and of course smelling divine!

Lush Hand Cream 'Handy Gurugu':
 This hand cream is very rich and is really for tackling sore 'hard worked' hands in order to restore them to their original state. I really like this hand cream, although my hands aren't particularly dry i still enjoy using this product as it leaves my hands feeling super moisturized and soft. I love the fact that this product is organic and doesn't contain any unnatural chemicals which is something that i do look for in a hand cream. Another thing is that this product really smells organic as well! You can definitely tell that no perfume has been added to give this product a nice scent it is literally just the original smell that the  natural ingredients give off.

Soap & Glory 'Righteous Butter': I'm not going to go into this product too much but i have to say that i really love it and i highly recommend it! It smells great, it works amazingly and it's just an all-round amazing body butter. I am yet to try other Soap and Glory products such as the 'Breakfast Scrub' which i have heard divine things about!

Lastly i wanted to show two of my favorite fresh body scents which i love to use after i have taken a shower/bath. 

Hollister Body Mist 'Crystal Cove': This body mist is so lovely and refreshing, i cannot quite describe the scent however as it is very unique but i would definitely again say fresh and maybe slightly fruity but it is not too obvious. You should definitely go give it a spray! Hollister has quite a range of body mists now and they are all lovely, the only negative for me however is the price as £12.00 is quite a price for a body spray!

The Body Shop 'Vanilla Eau De Toilette': This is a perfume that i will be re-purchasing over and over again! It is such a lovely true vanilla scent and it is really sweet and girly. Being a perfume this product is also fairly cheap being under £10 and it lasts a fair amount of time. Another "holy grail" beauty product :)

If there are any types of blog posts that you would like to see me do please comment below!
Also, i would like to mention that once i reach 100 followers i will be doing a joint give-away with Albonnie at littlebitofbeautyy so look out for that :)



  1. This was a great post has made me want to try a LUSH product even more!

  2. Soap and Glory is LUSH fullstop :)
    Love the post.


  3. Ur blog is awesome ^^
    Come check out my blog and follow if u like it ^^
    That would mean so much to me


  4. I just ordered my first body butter online. I chose "Moringa" - hope I love it as much as you do! :) xo


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