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Thursday, 20 September 2012

Nail Polish Collection - RIMMEL LONDON

Hello everyone! So i decided to do a nail-polish clear-out/sort out recently and i thought it would be a good idea to show you guys my nail-polish collection. Today i'm going to show you all of my Rimmel polishes including the '60 seconds' and 'Pro' range and my thoughts on each. Hope you enjoy :)

 From left to right:    Peppermint 500    My Denim 425    Show Off  297   Urban Purple 402

 From left to right:      Celebrity Bash 391     Desire 393      Trend Spotting 410

Those were all of my 'Pro-Professional Finish' Nail vanishes and i love this formula so much! They come in a wide colour range and there is always one that suits everyone's taste. These nail varnishes are quite long lasting, do not chip very quickly and the drying time isn't too long however it isn't the quickest either. I also love the brush that comes with the 'Pro' range as it is quite thick which makes for quick easy application especially if you are in a hurry! They cost around £4.59 in the UK.

 From left to right:    Instyle Coral 415    Sky High 825    Grey Matter 805    Black Out 800

Next i have shown all of my '60 seconds' nail varnishes. Again, like the 'Pro' range there is quite a lot of colours to choose from and they are all really lovely however i do not rate them as much. The only real thing about these polishes that i find better than the 'Pro' range is that they have a faster drying time. Other than that they don't last as long, chip quicker and have a thinner brush ( which some people may prefer ) However i still really like these and they are fairly cheap, around £2.99 in the UK.

left to right:    Urban Purple 402    Instyle Coral 415    Grey Matter 805    Show Off 297

Finally i wanted to show my top 4 favourite colours. These are the nail-varnishes that i wear the most and the ones i will re-purchase :)

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you want to see my other brand collections like Revlon etc please let me know! What's your favourite colour? Thankyou for reading :)



  1. I love the purple and two favorite colors! Your blog is adorable! Hope you will follow me back!

    1. I love Rimmel products especially the nail polish collections!
      I like your blog as well :)
      Do you think we could follow each other? :) Tell me your opinion :)

  2. Love the 3 burgundy coloured nail polishes, "Desire" is gorgeous! xo

  3. love the rimmel brush - so easy to apply!

    new follower :) x

  4. Great blog. Following you now, hope you follow me back.

    Toni x

  5. great blog:)
    like to follow each other?:)

  6. Gorgeous pictures, I love Celebrity Bash xx

  7. omg totally want new nail polish now - oa

  8. I love all those colours! although i really don't need to buy anymore new nail varnish! check out my beauty blog and give me a follow :)
    Carly x

  9. I have some of them and they are totally gorgeous. Love your blog

  10. i haven't tried this brand yet, but it looks promising. love those colors!

    found the route

  11. I love Rimmel nail polishes I think the relationship quality and price is a good and fair one.

  12. Love how many you have! What a collection! x x

  13. Ooooo I love Peppermint!
    Also, I've nominated you for the Blog Bug Award:

  14. I just became your 100th follower :) Such a cute blog! I love all your posts.

    Follow back?
    I just did a nail polish collection post too.

  15. What a lovely collection of Rimmel polishes! I have a few and I really like their colourful shades. I have been thinking of getting Grey Matter :)

  16. I frickin love rimmel nail varnishes!! The coral one's my favourite <3

  17. Love the colours! I really like your blog so I've nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go over to my blog to find out what you have to do and see what questions I have tagged you in :)

    love sammy xx

  18. I love the nailpolishes from Rimmel! They have such pretty colours.


  19. Woooow these nail varnishes are so pretty. Love the look of 'celebrity bash' xx

  20. Black out is amazing! Xo

  21. I love the urban purple nail polish! It's such a perfect color for fall


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