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Monday, 17 September 2012

Nail Art - Polka Dot Design

Hello everyone, so recently i decided to change up my nails a bit and i came up with this nail design which i quite like so i've decided to share it with you guys :)

The colours that i used for this look were 'Grey Matter' by Rimmel 60 Seconds which is such a nice grey which i often wear, especially more in the autumn/winter time. And then i used 'Tropical Temptation' by Revlon which i love so much as it is such a nice pinky/coral, has amazing staying power!

As you can see, i then used alternating colours and made small polka dots on each nail using a curby grip/bobby pin. 

Finally to finish off my nails i used No7's 'Stay Perfect Top Coat' which gives your nails a nice gloss, protects them and makes the design last a lot longer :)

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed this short post, if you are interested in Nail Art and would like me to do a few more tutorials/designs please let me know :) Also if you missed my last Nail Art Leopard Design post you can check it out here -
Nail Art - Leopard Design



  1. Oh these are really cute! Interesting to see you use a bobby pin, I use toothpicks, cool idea! Have to try it myself :D

    Just stumbled upon your blog and enjoying having a read! Now following you!

  2. you have been nominated by me for the liebster award:) x

  3. Hi dear!
    Love so much you're blog, is amazing!
    Follow u, my name in GFC is: sexy_paige_cucu.

    Hope u follow back :) :)

    A lot of kisses.

  4. It looks really cool! =) Nice blog! Would you like to follow eachother? Kisses from Portugal!

  5. These look amazing! Love them!




  6. nice nail design. i also want to try it out. thanks for sharing this here!

    I really like your blog. would you like to visit mine? I would be glad!<3


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